Userbars are widely used by lots of user in lots of online forums. The Userbars are very important since they serve as a unique trademark for each user. The Userbars can contain different pictures and texts, and is the best place if you are looking for a unique Userbar for you.

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The Userbars from
Userbars are the unique characteristic of the forum users, but sadly, there is a limited number of Userbars that you can use. The Userbars on the internet usually have similar designs that make them less unique. But, it will be a completely different story when you use the Userbars from This site has more than 16,096 Userbars that you can use. The number of Userbars is still growing and they post newer Userbars every day. But, you don’t need to worry if you cannot find the Userbars you want since every Userbar is made into different categories to make it easy to discover.

How to Use the Userbars from
Not only offers you a great number of Userbars that you can use for free, but this site also ensures you that you can use the Userbars easily. All you need to do is to choose the Userbars you like based on the categories you see on their site. After you have discovered the one you want, you just need to click the Get the Userbar Code under the image. You will see the HTML code and the BBCode of the image. Just copy the code and paste it on your forum. provides you with more than 16,096 Userbars. The Userbars are compiled under different categories to make it easier to find. Not only are they free to use, but they are also easy to use since you just need to copy and paste the code on your forum.