3 Sites To Open When Looking for Free, Professional Graphics

3 Sites To Open When Looking for Free, Professional Graphics – Using graphics, photos, or designs that you don’t make can be a risky business especially if you want to publish them. The owners can file a report on you and kick your work out of circulation. Therefore, if you don’t want to get involved in a lawsuit, then use these free, legal source:

• Free Design Resources (FDR)
This website offers free graphic designs from professionals. These graphics range from handmade fonts, magazine layouts, presentation templates, mockups, or even 3D web and commercial designs. So, if you are going for a professional look, you can find inspirations or even download their free templates and touch them up a bit to your needs.

You can also incorporate several designs that they offer to create a franken-design original of your own. If you are looking for font styles that look like stylized handwriting, this website may be your future heaven like makes your heaven when it comes to the best online slot games.

• Vecteezy
Now, what about vectors? If you are thinking of assembling the graphics together or needing certain addition in your design. Not to mention, the website is actually licensed to be accessed for free. So, you have more freedom to utilize their resources for both personal and commercial purposes. Not to mention, the images are guaranteed to be HD without any premium limits – a true gold mine for high-quality vectors. These free hauls include backgrounds and banners. If you are looking for seasonal graphics, you can also try looking at the website’s trending tag.

• Freepik
Different from the other two websites, Freepik offers both free and paid graphics within the selection. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hunt for free, quality stuff here. After all, the site offers more than 387.000 free vectors that are available for both personal and commercial uses. Not to mention, you can also download the graphics in .AI or .EPS formats, so it’s easy to jump into editing immediately after downloading them. The graphics itself includes creative templates for infographics and seasonal greetings. There are even free motion graphics and effects you can access from Freepik. Don’t forget to make an account to be able to access your favorite graphics when you need them.

These sources are free and legal to use by everyone, so you can use them without restraint. So, you’ll be safe to use them even if you are going to publish them. However, it will be nicer if you can credit the artists that made the graphics for you.