Generate Your Personal Signature for Free on My Live Signature!

My Live Signature

Are you looking for a way to digitize your handwritten signature? Or are you interested to create a personalized email signature? Whether your concern is either one or both, you can get them done on My Live Signature!

Your “Hand-Written” Signature, Now Digital
Unless you can make your way with a scanner, mouse, trackpad, or pen tablet on a drawing app, then it”s impossible to get your true hand-written signature. However, it’s possible to get one crafted without the hassle with My Live Signature.

The site allows us to create a “hand-written” signature. In other words, the signature will be generated to appear as if it’s hand-written. Of course, it’s actually based on fonts so they will seem tidy, depending on your original handwriting style.

What”s interesting about My Live Signature is that we can use the signature file and slip it anywhere. They even allowed us to put animations in the signature and use it for anything you want no string attached.

Email Signature For Your Business Email
In case you are not interested in digitizing your handwritten signature, you can also create an email signature in My Live Signature. But what’s an email signature? Basically, it’s the contact list of the email sender, put together similar to a business card. Usually, people with agen bola can simply write it off under their email. But on this site, they can make the signature a bit fancy.
In My Live Signature, the email signature is template into a long banner. In the web, we can customize the photo, icon, and font shape and sizes along with name, company, and contact info. You can even add social media links and pick a background and border colour if so desire. Later on, the design can be downloaded into a simple file that can be slipped under your email anytime.

Click, Tap-tap, Click and Go
Customizing signatures on My Live Signature is fast and simple. By simply clicking on the menus, filling in the information the signature need, and downloading the file, we can get a personalized signature ready to use. However, if you are not satisfied with the free services, there are more unlocked featured if you became a registered user and use the paid upgrades!
With My Live Signature, you can get your personal signature designed for free without any string attached. Both signature types can be downloaded into a convenient file type, so you can easily such them under a document or an email. Are you ready to make one?