Get Free Graphics and Free Edits with Canva

Get Free Graphics and Free Edits with Canva – The disadvantage of editing applications is that they are tied to a PC. Even if you can find other applications on the smartphone OS, often they are very removed to fit the simple interface. Well, what if you want an editing platform that doesn’t cut edges? You can try Canva.

• PC or Smartphone? Take both!
One of the best things about Canva is its internet-based platform. So, you just have to open your browser to start editing with Canva.

Because the project can be accessed with your account, you can practically open it and edit it anywhere. So, that means you can edit with Canva even with a public PC as long as you still have internet access. The interface itself is made simple, but it has enough functions to do basic assembly.

If you need access while traveling and a laptop is too big for travel, you can still access Canva through your smartphone or tablet. For this platform, it’s better to access it through an application that you can download on the AppStore or PlayStore to get a simpler interface that will be more suitable for small screens.

• No Need for External Graphic Sources
Another good thing that increases Canva’s versatility is that you don’t need to look for an external chart unless you want to. Canva has a type of chart available in their library. Just enter what you need in the search bar (for example, ‘banner’) on the top side of the editing platform. However, if you want to add your own image like a photo, you can insert it yourself by uploading the image to Canva first then continuing editing as usual.

• Free Templates For Easy Editing
Don’t feel creative today? Canva has prepared for that moment by offering a free template. This template is available in various types of needs (for example, Instagram stories, magazines, CV, etc.) To use it, simply select one of the layout types you need and click on the layout text or graphic and edit it as you need. You can also change the font, color, or background image at once.

Able to reach your PC? Then open Canva through your browser. However, if you are outside or in a hurry, you can access your project or even edit from your mobile! This flexibility is one of Canva’s main selling points, along with other benefits such as free graphics that you can achieve.