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Font Meme

If you heard the word signature, you will associate it with the hand-written name used in legal documents or letter. You are not wrong, but you aren’t completely right as well. The signature, in this case, is the unique character used in a certain online forum and Font Meme is the perfect place to make the signature.

Generate Your Own Signature
Font Meme is the best place if you want to get your own signature to use on the online forum. This site has a complete font collection and you can use them for free. To see their collection, you just need to go to the Fonts Collection menu on their website and choose the font you like. After you have chosen one, you just need to type the text you want as your signature on the provided box. Adjust the font size, choose the effects, and decide the color you like. Click the Generate button and the site will provide the signature preview based on the previous setting. If you are pleased with the design, you can click the Embed button to get the code and paste it on the online forum.

Adopt the Popular Font for Your Signature
If you want to adopt a popular font as your signature, Font Meme is also the best place for you. This site provides you with a huge collection of fonts used in various logos, such as TV shows or series, movies, brand, and many more. You can see their collection under the Fonts in Use menu on their website and you can start generating the signature using a similar procedure.
Font Meme provides you with different kinds of font collections. The site has a simple interface that will make it easier to help you make your own signature. If you are also interested to make one, go check Font Meme site.