Vexel: The Best Place for Free Vectors


Are you looking for HD vectors free and ready to use? Then visit Vexel. This site offers free vectors, PNG, and illustrations that can be accessed and used by everyone, including merch-maker, freelance designer, small businesses, and ad agency.

Pick A Plan
While there are a lot of online free graphic sources out there, the fact that it offers plans Vexel stands out. By plans, we mean categories that allow users to fish images easily depending on the purpose they visited the site.

In Vexel, there are four plans available, which are:
Merch Seller. Vexel offered a lot of print ready vectors and illustrations designed for shirts. Users can adjust the sizes in case they want it for different merch type.
Freelance Designers. If making your own graphics takes too much time, then Vexel is here to save the day.

Small Business. Same with Freelance Designers, Vexel will save your time for free in return of quality design. It’s also a good choice for business starters that don’t have any experience with designing nor editing.

Advertising Agency. Even if the graphics are picked for commercial-use, Vexel can help you. The plan will direct users to graphics and designs with Commercial Use Licenses.

Customize Graphics Easily
Don’t like what you’re seeing? Then you can easily edit things out in Vexel. Yes, even though it mainly operates as an online graphic source, it also gives its user graphic editing tools to an extent. First, you should pick an image you like. After that, we can tamper a bit with the image.
For one, we can customize the vector designs with Voxel’s editing tools. If simpler changes are what you desire, the tools also allow users to change colours of elements or texts in the vector, adjust the layouts, and even add new elements in the image.

A Great Place for Seeding Inspiration
If you are not out for free graphics, Vexel is still a good place for designers to browse around. After all, the website contains thousands of free vectors and designs. So, it’s a good place for designers to find inspiration and of course references.

The good thing about free-source is the leniency to share and use whatever is on the platform. Vexel allows that in the most convenient way possible. By picking a plan, Vexel will narrow down the options into images collection you just need. In case some things don’t meet your eyes, the site also allows you to edit things out for free.